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The real estate sector is one of the highest FDI attracting sectors in India, having recorded FDI inflows worth more than 2.8 billion between 2000 and 2009. The current contribution of real estate to India's GDP is about 5 per cent.
That is why an investment advisor is needed, to guide you in making the right decisions. We provide our clients with specialized and efficient service encompassing reports and analysis on markets, details of developers, pros and cons of particular sites, future trends and investment security. At Realite, we ensure that our customer investments render high returns yet maintaining them safe and secure, with a high level of transparency in all levels of transactions.
Maintaining a holistic approach to the service provided, we take our clients through the legalities and documentation, tours of the properties, transfer process and other relevant updates. Understanding the financial profile of our client, forms the basis of the services we provide. It covers cash inflow sources, investment objectives and goals, assets other than securities, client's desired liquidity and ability to take risks. In other words, we understand and acknowledge our client's expectations. Our advice is formulated to help him better manage his finances and investments.
Since advisory needs a special care and provision of accurate information, the service is directly managed by Realite Directors personally
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We undertake investment advisory for some of the top corporates and NRI's
Leveraging our over 10 years of real estate experience and
promoter relationships to provide you with the best solutions
Customized and personal attention provided by the Directors of realite for any advisory
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